Brunswick East by Milieu
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Designed with the soul of its surrounds in mind, Brunswick East by Milieu is nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s inner north. A collaboration with Fieldwork Architects and Foolscap Studio, the project encapsulates the warmth and charm synonymous with the area’s much-loved dining scene and cultural flair. The result is a collection of dwellings that distill the past, present and future of the neighbourhood.

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Homes for Hospitality

We want you to enjoy hosting loved ones in distinctive interiors that blur the boundary between preparation and entertaining—spaces designed to enhance the experience of home and to complement the gesture of hosting. This core principle guides the design at every step, culminating in layouts that offer various possibilities for entertaining. Whether it’s close friends over for dinner, or family brunch on Sunday morning, these homes are tailored to ensure hosting is always a simple pleasure.

Milieu Podcast No. 4
Adele Winteridge, Foolscap Studio

Brunswick East by Milieu is a distinguished response to place that reflects the neighbourhood’s industrial past, contemporary style and diverse cultural offering. Discover more about Adele Winteridge and her empathetic, ‘homes for hospitality’ approach to interior design in episode four of our podcast series.

1. Environmental Impact

A commitment to passive efficiency, carbon free operation, and a healthy indoor environment has resulted in a relatively low environmental impact.
2. Building Design & Construction

Responsive and sympathetic to it's surrounds, yet forward looking in it's approach, the architecture and interiors utilise high-quality materials to age gracefully.
3. Accessibility

With every occupant in mind, the building and homes within are designed to be highly accessible and suit a wide variety of individual needs.
4. Community Benefit

Drawing on the local milieu, the building will be home to a not-for-profit community cooking school to compliment the other local hospitality offerings.

Design Excellence Scorecard
Moreland City Council

We’re proud to share that Brunswick East by Milieu received a tick of approval on the ‘Design Excellence Scorecard’—a new program initiated by Moreland City Council. The scorecard exists to improve the quality and liveability of medium and high-density housing in the area. This is a vision we share wholeheartedly, and we’re humbled to be the first recipient of this commendation.

Brunswick East by Milieu is the only project thus far to meet all four benchmarks on environmental impact, building design and construction, accessibility, and community benefit.

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Sunday Lunch
with Congress and Etta

We look forward to starting the build of Brunswick East by Milieu—but, in the meantime, the site’s being put to good use. Not only is it thriving as a community garden managed by 3000acres, it’s also a haven of fresh produce for our hospitality venues, and was the perfect event space for Congress and local restaurant Etta to present at the 2019 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a tranquil hideaway for our team to share a meal and explore the possibilities of this special project.


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