Bedford By Milieu
20 Collingwood Apartments
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Introducing Bedford By Milieu, a selection of refined homes in the culturally enlivened neighbourhood of Collingwood. Created in collaboration with DKO and DesignOffice, Bedford Street is an evolution of a prior project, Peel By Milieu. The team have taken into consideration the nuanced visual language that informed that design and evolved it into something fresh and distinct.

Bedford By Milieu is situated in the centre of one of Melbourne’s most iconic neighbourhoods. Tucked away quietly behind Smith Street, residents will have a wealth of offerings at their fingertips, from renowned restaurants to revered art institutions.

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When designing Bedford By Milieu, inspiration was drawn from the surrounding locale. Collingwood is a neighbourhood with a distinct and diverse character, much of which comes from the preservation of its industrial heritage, and from the interplay of old and new. It’s this balance, which abounds in the area, that informed the building’s aesthetic.


The interiors have been expertly crafted to maximise natural light, air flow and functionality. A minimalist approach, attention to detail, and use of premium quality materials will ensure long-term comfort and satisfaction.

Ways of Seeing is about perspective. It’s about reflecting on the various ways in which the immaterial (ideas, emotions, impulses) can influence the tangible (places, spaces, objects). And, ultimately, it’s about considering architecture and design from all angles in order to effect better outcomes. Bedford By Milieu collaborators DKO Architecture and DesignOffice ruminate on the inspirations and approaches that inform the materiality of their spaces, and couple Dean and Sam talk about their experience living at Peel By Milieu.

Design Signatures
Welcome Station

A perfect place for the small items we carry with us each day. Drop your keys here when you come home, leave loose coins, and charge your devices. A personal foyer, this is an area to be styled as your own to reflect your personality.

Project Team

DKO’s enviable reputation is built on meticulously designed buildings that complement urban living, with respect for local context. A long-time collaborator with Milieu – having worked on eight projects together – the practice creates sharp, intelligent and articulate spaces that serve the people, stand the test of time and positively contribute to the visual narratives of the neighbourhoods in which they stand.

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