Positioned 'South of Johnston, East of Wellington' amongst Collingwood's artistic milieu is Dight Street – a set of 12 progressive apartments designed by Fieldwork for Collingwood.

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Dight Street's exterior is an exercise in harmony and balance. A subtle Japanese influence can be seen in the use of material textures with opposing qualities. The brass-hooded entry is juxtaposed against the rendered base, making an aesthetic connection to the sculptural brass form up top. The brass material also lends the building a local identity.

Quino Holland is a founder and director of Fieldwork, an innovative, local architecture and design practice. Driven by the ethos to improve the built environment, and known for their sensitive approach to residential work, Fieldwork was appointed to design the new landmark in Dight Street. In a candid interview, Quino talks to writer Clare Kennedy about the influences and inspiration behind the design.

Apartment Plans
Level 4

"I imagine Dight Street will appeal to people who are design literate. People who appreciate good design and the thought and love we've put into the project, the interesting juxtapositions of materials, as well as the level of detail in the internal spaces."

Quino Holland, Fieldwork


Composed of a restrained material palette, the interiors have been designed to create a sense of warmth and serenity. The kitchens have cork flooring and exposed edge joinery, while brass fittings take their cues from the exterior. Thoughtfully designed storage ensures everything has a place.


Committed to seeking out the best in residential construction and design, the Milieu team took part in a research trip to Tokyo, Japan to examine various examples of residential and apartment design. Led by Fieldwork, they took a walking tour of the city's built-form, taking cues and points of reference for Dight from elements of Japanese design-based principles such as simplicity, asymmetry, contrast, understatement and stillness.

South of Johnston, East of Wellington

Located 'South of Johnston, East of Wellington' is Dight Street, occupying a precinct on the edge of transformation. Over the last two decades, excellent public transport, great food offerings and affordable rentals within close proximity to town has drawn a mix of residents to an area now alive with new cafés, galleries and creative studios. In walking distance to the city and nearby suburbs, it lays claim to a wealth of amenities.

Tristian Koenig is the founder and director of a contemporary art gallery in Collingwood in a precinct known for its gritty urban texture and quietly evolving creative vibes. Speaking with the passion of a local, Tristian talks to Clare Kennedy about his impressions of the area that he’s been intimately acquainted with since student days playing in a punk band and pulling beers at the Tote.


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