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Are you interested in purchasing an apartment within the next 6 – 12 months?

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We want to create a comfortable and inviting environment – one where residents become part of a community. Which statement best describes your opinion and feeling about knowing your neighbours and community living?

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The rooftop at Breese Street will be turned into a community space for all residents to use and enjoy. With this is mind, which of these features are most important to you? Please indicate an answer for each.

  Very Important Important Not Important
Productive Garden Plots
Honey Bees
BBQ & Outdoor Entertaining Area
Communal Laundry & Drying Area
Fitness Facility
Workshop / Tool Shed
Work Space / Break-Out Area
Dog-Friendly Zone

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Breese Street intends to follow great examples of sustainable building design. Understanding that these elements come at a premium, which features would you like to see considered?

  Very Important Important Not Important
Fossil Fuel-Free Energy
Solar Electricity
Sustainable Transport (Bicycle Parking, Car Share, etc.)
Low Food Miles / Productive Garden
Ceiling Fans & Hydronic Heating in place of A/C
Recycled Materials
External Shading to Windows
Double Glazed Windows

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If you were part of the Breese Street community, would you like to have a say on how communal spaces might be used in the future (i.e. basement parking and the future of driverless cars)?

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Space is a key consideration in apartment living. Knowing that individual preferences vary, we aim to design internal spaces with the best possible layouts to suit all occupants. Which of the following is most important to you?

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Understanding that some apartment features can incur an added cost, which of these design elements would you like to see included at Breese Street?

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Would you be interested in attending a design presentation to learn more about Breese Street, meet the project team, and secure your apartment preference?

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Do you have any additional thoughts or feedback on what we’ve asked you?

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Thanks for your time. You’ll receive an email from us shortly with more information about the Breese Street design presentation process.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Patrick Cooney on
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